Tivoli Directory Server Course Details

Unit 1: Introduction to LDAP, X500, DAP
Unit 2: DIT, Object Classes, Attributes
Unit 3: LDAP vs RDBMS
Unit 4: Installing TDS and DB2
Unit 5: Starting and Stopping TDS (TDS Configuration Tool OR idsxcfg)
Unit 6: Web Administration Tool (WebTool and Directory White Pages)
Unit 7: IBM Directory Schema (Objects for white page apps and other systems)
Unit 8: Replication and Schema (cn=ibmpolicies)
Unit 9: DIT, Suffixes, User Add/Modify/Delete
Unit 10: Schema Checking, Password Encryption
Unit 11: Tombstone Node
Unit 12: Configuration only Mode
Unit 13: ACL
Unit 14: Groups and roles
Unit 15: Manage search Limit
Unit 16: Performance Tuning
Unit 17: Configuration files and Log file location
Unit 18: Backup process
Unit 19: Realms and Templates
Unit 20: Replication Topologies
Unit 21: Real time Scenarios, Architecture Design, User Base and Hardware selection