Tivoli directory integrator Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to TDI.
Unit 2: Overview of Identity Synchronization and Co-relation
Unit 3: TDI Components and understanding Assembly lines, Feeds, Processing and Output
Unit 4: Installation of TDI
Unit 5: Introduction to Feeds, Assembly Lines and Connectors
Unit 6: Work objects and Connector Objects
Unit 7: Introduction to Parsers and Function Components
Unit 8: Running Assembly Lines
Unit 9: Problems and Logging
Unit 10: Scripts, Hooks and custom connectors
Unit 11: Preprocessing and post Processing Data
Unit 12: Invoking an assembly line from another assembly line
Unit 13: Integration examples with CSV,LDAP and Database
Unit 14: Deciding the attribute processing during Integration
Unit 15: Synchronization, Change Detection and Scheduled Jobs
Unit 16: SSL and Security
Unit 17: Introduction to Tivoli Identity Manager
Unit 18: Integrating TDI with TIM