SHAREPOINT Course Content

MOSS/Share Point 2007 Overview and Installation
  • Introduction to MOSS
  • Planning and Architecture of MOSS 2007
  • Introduction to various versions of share point servers
  • MOSS 2007 Architecture and its internal components
  • WSS architecture
  • Limitations and difference between MOSS and WSS
  • Configuring default databases
  • Prerequisites of share point server
  • Installation of MOSS 2007
Share Point 2007 Technologies
  • Introduction to web application
  • Introduction to share point high level components
  • Introduction and using of libraries and list items
  • Managing libraries and lists
  • Create and managing workspaces, sites and pages
  • Security trimming
Document Management and Content Management
  • Creating and managing document libraries
  • Creating and managing form libraries
  • Creating and managing wiki page
  • Creating and managing Data links library
User Communications, lists and Custom list items
  • Announcements
  • Contacts
  • Discussion board
  • Links
  • Calendar
  • Tasks, project tasks
  • Issue tracking and survey
  • Custom list
  • Alerts
Users Permissions and Access Levels
  • Introduction to security
  • Access level
  • User permission and management
Sits, pages, Master pages, MOSS Designer and Branding
  • Creating custom site as templates
  • Creating custom pages and designing
  • Creating Master pages
  • Creating designer based pages
  • Creating designer based web parts
  • Creating designer based database web parts & web services based web parts
Introduction to Infopath
  • Understanding infopath
  • Use the system templates
  • Create custom templaes
  • Create xml based templates and publish to Moss
  • Create Database templates and publish to Moss
  • Create Web service based templates and publish to Moss
Sites Customization
  • Site themes customization
  • Site templates customization
  • Custom templates
  • Uncustom templates
Form based Authentication
  • Introduction to FBA
  • Creating and configuring FBA
  • Creating FBA Users
  • Authenticate FBA users
Shared Services Providers (SSP)
  • Introduction to SSP
  • Creating SSP
  • Default SSP and Changing Association of SSP
  • Using MY Site and My links
  • User Profiles
  • Excel Services
  • Office server search
  • Business Data Catalogs
  • Creating and Configuration of BDC Web parts
Introduction to Webparts
  • Webpart architecture
  • Create and deploy web part
  • Create web part and deploy with server controls
  • Debugging web parts
Introduction to MOSS API
  • Using MOSS API object model
  • Access sites, Document Libraries or List items
  • Update list items from data base and flat files
Work Flows
  • Workflows introduction
  • Creating workflows
  • Accessing workflows
  • Managing workflows
  • Share point web application management
  • Share point site management
  • Infopath forms services
  • Office share point server shared services
  • Application security
  • External service connections
  • Workflows management
  • Topology and services