SAS Financial Management Overview
  • SAS Financial Management: an overview
  • SAS Data Flow Architecture
  • FASHBI case study
Exploring the Workspaces of SAS Financial Management Studio
  • getting started in SAS Financial Management Studio
The Dimensions Workspace
  • understanding dimensions and dimension types
  • working with dimension hierarchies and members
  • performing Dimension workspace tasks
The Cycles Workspace
  • Understanding cycles
  • performing Cycle workspace tasks
The Rates Workspace
  • working with exchange rates
  • working with rates
The Models Workspace
  • Introduction to the Models workspace
  • building models
  • model tasks
Generating OLAP Reports in SAS Financial Management
  • reporting using the SAS Financial Management Add-In
  • creating and sharing reports
  • enhancing reports and using advanced features
  • formatting tables
Advanced Reporting in SAS Financial Management
  • overview of cell data access (CDA) reports
  • building a CDA report
  • using CDA functions
Financial Intelligence in SAS Financial Management
  • understanding account behaviors
  • cumulative translation adjustment (CTA) and retained earnings
The Forms Workspace and Planning Process
  • creating form sets in the Forms workspace
  • creating a form template in Excel
  • entering and reviewing data as part of a bottom-up workflow
  • entering data as part of a top-down workflow
  • overview of formula types
  • optimizing performance
  • building formulas
SAS Information Delivery Portal
  • working in the SAS Information Delivery Portal
  • groups and roles
  • SAS Management Console
  • setting security in SAS Financial Management Studio