LDAP and Directory Services Course Details

Unit 1: Introduction to LDAP, X500, DAP
Unit 2: DIT, Object Classes, Attributes
Unit 3: LDAP vs RDBMS
Unit 4: Installing and Configuration
Unit 5: Starting and Stopping LDAP
Unit 6: Administration
Unit 7: Schema,Object Classes and Attributes
Unit 8: Directory Information Tree
Unit 9: Add,Modify and Delete operations
Unit 10: Schema Checking,Logging and Log-File rotation
Unit 11: Password Encryption types
Unit 12: SSL,keystore and trust store
Unit 13: Access Control List
Unit 14: Groups
Unit 15: Protecting the Directory,Limiting the search and Delegated Administration
Unit 16: Performance Tuning
Unit 17: Configuration files and Log file location
Unit 18: LDIF,Backup process
Unit 19: Replication Topologies,Multi-Master,Master/Slave etc
Unit 20: JNDI and Sample LDAP search filters
Unit 21: Creating the context,bind,Add/Modify/Delete Operations,Unbind,Closing the Context
Unit 22: Real time Scenarios,Architecture Design,User Base and Hardware selection