HYPERION Planning Course Content

Planning Overview
  • Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System
  • Oracle's Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus
  • Architecture of Planning
  • Relationship Between Planning and Essbase
  • Navigation of Workspace
Creating Dimensions
  • EPM Architect
  • Period, Scenario and Version Dimensions
  • Entity Dimensions
  • Account Dimensions
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Loading Data
  • Using Application Views
  • Deploying Applications
  • Setting Up Exchange Rates
Loading Data and Calculating Database
  • Setting Up Data Loads and Calculating
  • Loading Data
  • Provisioning Users and Groups
  • Defining Access Levels
Designing Data Forms
  • Creating Forms and Folders
  • Customizing
Entering Data
  • In Planning
  • Using Smart View
  • Offline
Business Rules
  • Creating Business Rules
  • Building Runtime Prompts
  • Adding Formulas
  • Managing Business Rules
Managing Plan Process
  • Approval Process
  • Task Lists
Analyzing Planning Data
  • Financial Reporting
  • Reports in Workspace
15.Working with Financial Controls
  • About Financial Controls
  • Creating Controls Groups, Sections, and Questions
  • Deleting and Restoring Controls Groups, Sections, and Questions
  • Assigning Reviewer, Submitter, and Proxy Rights
  • Accessing Financial Controls
  • Selecting Application Settings for Financial Controls
16.Working with Import Scripts
  • About Scripting in FDM
  • Working with Scripting Components
  • Creating Import Scripts
  • Assigning Import Scripts to Import Formats
  • Applying Scripting Functions to Import Scripts
  • Working with Temporary Variables
  • Manually Executing Custom Custom Web Scripts
17.Working with Import Integration Scripts<
  • About Import Integration Scripts
  • Creating Import Integration Scripts
  • Assigning Import Integration Scripts to Import Formats
18.Working with Event Scripts
  • About Event Scripts
  • Creating Event Scripts
  • Changing Import Formats Dynamically